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T-110.5190 Seminar on Internetworking (4 cr) P V

Spring 2007: Home Networking

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13.6.2007 Papers are published.
6.6.2007 Results have been published.
26.4.2007 Remember to give us feedback!
26.4.2007 Conference days schedule is published.
26.4.2007 Slides from the last meeting (Wednesday 25.4.) about presenting papers and general conference info
14.3.2007 Slides from today's lecture can be found here: Opponent tasks and Scientific papers

Note: official announcements of this course are posted to course newsgroup opinnot.tik.internetworking.

Course information

Note! You'll be informed in the newsgroup opinnot.tik.internetworking if any changes occur. Please, follow the newsgroup.

Seminar on Internetworking in general

The course addresses current issues concerning the Internet network. The topical area varies year to year covering research questions in Internet network architectures, protocols, network middleware, application, services, and service management. In this seminar, students will write a seminar paper during the spring according to a given schedule. Each student has a personal tutor who guides the writing and the topic. The students present their papers in a two day conference in the beginning of May. The language of this course is English.

The course in Spring Term 2007 - Home Networking

During spring 2007 the seminar on Internetworking will focus on networking technologies for the home environment.

One major wireless trend that is currently under way is the deployment of wireless local area networks in the enterprises, in public places and at homes. Until quite recently, home networks were primarily the realm of technophiles only - most families either didn't need or couldn't afford more than one computer. But things are rapidly changing. More and more homes have multiple computers and are building connectivity between their devices and to the Internet. In the future households, new type of devices will enter and leave the home network, which will become a necessity rather than a technical toy. To understand the ingredients of home network, the key IP technologies, wireless link technologies, and schemes to manage the security and privacy of home networks all need to be considered. Also, the emerging business models and possible new players in the new markets need to be identified. In the home environment, the user aspects and what end users are looking for in their future homes is of crucial importance, and the management of a home network should be made as easy as possible. In this seminar we will address home networking with a wide range of topic areas. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following.

Responsible teacher of the course is professor Antti Ylä-Jääski, and Laura Takkinen acts as an assistant of the course. Please, use course email address when contacting the teachers.

The Seminar on Internetworking course corresponds the old T-110.551 Seminar on Internetworking course. Previous years topics are listed on a separate page.

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