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T-110.6120 Special course in datacommunications software

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Fall 2007: Introductory seminar for Master's program students (7 cr)


07.12.2007 Submit your final paper in Optima by Monday (10.12.2007) before 16:00
07.12.2007 Today's presentation slides are in Optima
01.10.2007 Added names of professor responsible for the different student paper topics.
28.09.2007 Template for paper writing added. Read the instructions before start writing.
19.09.2007 Optima accounts are ready. Optima link.
14.09.2007 Instructions for writing lecture blogs

Course information

This course is only for the students of Master's Programme in Mobile Computing - Services and Security and NordSecMob starting their first year studies at TKK in autumn 2007.

Note: NordSecMob students starting their second year at TKK should choose other course.

The course consists of two parts: topical lectures and presentation of student papers.

To pass the course students must do the following:

Lecture time and place

Fridays 12-14 in T5

Course Schedule

The lecture part in Period I covers topics in security and mobile computing.
7.9.Get together, overview of the coursecourse staff
14.9.Internet archtecture overviewTimo Kiravuo
21.9.Scientific writing
Roger Munn
28.9.Applications and services in Internet Jari Kleimola
5.10.Communication security: a brief overview
Bluetooth Secure Simple Pairing
N Asokan
12.10.Mobility on the InternetJukka Manner
19.10.Distributed Systems: Principles and PracticesChittaranjan Hota
The second part in Period II consists of student presentations.
2.11.Scientific writing, feedbackRoger Munn
9.11.Applications and services (Antti Ylä-Jääski)
  • Hoang Anh Nguyen : Voice over IP services in the Internet (Skype, GoogleTalk, etc.)
  • Aditaya Parkash : Instant Messaging services in the Internet (AOL, Yahoo!,MS Messanger,etc.)
  • Rijubrata Bhaumik: Peer-to-peer content delivery in the Internet (history,current systems)
  • 16.11.Applications and services (Antti Ylä-Jääski)
  • S. M. Moshiur Rahman: VoIP protocols and technologies (SIP, H.323)
  • Tong Chang: Instant messaging protocols and technologies (XMPP, SIP Simple)
  • Jia Li : Peer-to-peer contect delivery protocols and technologies (structured, unstructured)
  • 23.11.Security(N Asokan)
  • Abdullah Al Hasib : Cryptographic building blocks for communication security
  • Suresh Kumar Ponnusamy: Common security protocols: WLAN security
  • Lu Yang : Common security protocols: TLS/SSL
  • 30.11.Mobility management (Jukka Manner)
  • Kuldeep Singh : Reactive On-demand Routing in Ad-hoc Networks
  • Onur Zengin : Proactive or Table-driven Routing in Ad-hoc Networks
  • Md. Atiqur Rahman : Mobile IPv4 and its extensions
  • Peilin Guo : Mobile IPv6 and its extensions
  • 7.12.Security (N Asokan)
  • Pranav Kumar Sharma: Application security: VoIP
  • Sandeep Tamrakar: Reactive measures: intrusion detection, anti-virus technology
  • Shuang Lei: Trusted computing
  • Sachin Gaur : Usable security
  • Grading


    Responsible professors: Antti Ylä-Jääski, Jukka Manner, and N. Asokan

    Course assistant: Rafiqul Chowdhury

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