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T-110.6120 Special course on Data Communications Software (2 cr) PV
Internet and Computing Forum

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20.5.2008 Homework grades
12.5.2008 Please give course feedback!
7.5.2008 A homework sample updated
6.5.2008 Final attendance list updated
5.5.2008 Session slides and videos updated
14.4.2008 Session 15.4 cancelled
5.3.2008 Presenter order updated (last 3 sessions)
26.2.2008 Session videos available
15.1.2008 Final program announced

Course in Spring 2008

Content and Prerequisites

The Internet and Computing Forum is a wide-ranging industry forum hosted by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The topics of the forum focus on new trends, hot areas and future opportunities in computer science and Internet technologies. The guest speakers are leaders in their fields in industry - top technical experts, scientists and innovators. Most of the presentations are prepared by technical experts from the industry where the companies leverage various technical expertise to compete successfully in the global marketplace. This forum provides you a unique opportunity to learn about the latest technical trends explored in the Internet and Computing domains in the industry.

The forum does not require prior knowledge on computer science. However, prior studies on computer science are helpful to understand the course lectures.

Requirements for passing the course

Participate in all but two lectures and complete the homework. Signing up for the course is open in webtopi until 5.2.2008. The course does not have an exam.

Lecture schedule

Lectures are held on Tuesdays at 16:15-17:45 in lecture hall T1 at the Computer Science Department. Lectures are in English.
First lecture date: 22.1.2008

Session Date Lecturer Topic
1 22.1
Mikko H. Hyppönen
Chief Research Officer
Fighting Online Crime (slides) (video)
2 29.1
Tatu Ylönen
Tatu Ylönen Oy
Proud to be a Programmer (slides) (video)
3 5.2
Mr. Kavilesh Gupta
Finland Country Manager
Tata Consulting Services, India
Collaborative Innovation (video)
4 12.2
Mikko Kestilä & Markus Aalto
VP of Product Development / Software Architect
Airwide Solutions (Earlier First Hop)
Developing Carrier Grade Service Systems with Java (slides) (video)
5 19.2
6 26.2
Hannu Terävä
Chief Technology Officer
Reaktor Innovations
Successful Business with Agile & Lean (slides) (video)
7 4.3
Pekka Kosonen
Manager, Professional Support
Nokia Developer Platforms(slides pt1)(slides pt2) (video)
- 11.3 No Lecture
Due to Exam Period
8 18.3
Risto Kero & Ville Somppi
Head of Operational Development / Technology Manager
Current Trends and Challenges in Mobile Devices R&D(slides) (video)
- 25.3 No lecture
Easter Break
9 1.4
Pekka Lehtovuori
Development Manager, Grid Technologies
State-of-the-art in grid computing
10 8.4
Harri Holopainen

Computer Graphics for Consumers (slides) (video)
11 15.4
12 22.4
Pasi Mäkinen
Architect Evangelist
Developing Applications and Services for Mobile Environments (video)
13 29.4
Yrjö Neuvo
Steering Board Chair
ARTEMIS programme for Embedded Systems R&D in Europe
Mobile Phone is Transforming to a Multimedia Computer (slides)
14 6.5
Christian Vogt
Research Scientist
Internet routing scalability issues and solutions (slides)


The homework consists of two parts that are described below. The Deadline to return the homework is 13.05.2008 at 16:00.

  1. Describe the main three messages from each speaker in a few sentences using bullet points. Roughly half page per presentation (see an example of homework). In addition you must grade each speaker from 1 to 5. You may also feel free to give speakers some additional comments. Any comments will be appreciated.
  2. Choose the best lectures from technical, business and entertainment perspectives. You must also argue the reasoning for your selection with 10 sentences each (3 x 10 sentences in total). You cannot choose the same lecture twice. Use full sentences and remember that plagiarism is strictly forbidden. So do the homework by yourself!

Returning the homework:
Via e-mail as an attachment file (text, word or pdf) to the address T-110.6120@tml.hut.fi and only to this address. The File should be named in following manner "student_id_number"_"last_name" (i.e. 12345A_Teekkari.pdf). Sending homework to some other address (i.e to other course assistants or the Professor) will not constitute a returned homework. Returning Homework after the deadline will not constitute an accepted homework either.
The Language for the homework is English.

Course staff

Responsible teacher: Prof. Antti Ylä-Jääski.
Assistant: Andres Arjona

Download the Course Poster

Announcements: News regarding the course will be posted in this web page

The course in the previous years.

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