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T-111.2350 Multimedia Technology (4 cr)

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The topic of the course is digital audio and video, different interchange formats, multimedia hardware, multimedia software, multimedia communications, video conference, and multimedia systems. The aim is to teach the basics of multimedia technology and its effects to communications and computation technology.


The registration to the course happens through WebTOPI. The registration is open 4.1.2007 9:00 - 18.1.2007 9:00. There is separate registration to the laboratory exercises. More information is available at the separate laboratory exercise web-page.


The lecturer of the course is Prof. Petri Vuorimaa. The main assistant is Jussi Teirikangas.

News Group

The news group of the course is opinnot.tik.mmtekn.


The requirements of the course include exam and laboratory exercise. One can get an extra grade (3 points) from excellent laboratory exercise to the final grade. The exam has to be passed with minimum grade of one (1), though.

Lecture Topics

The lectures of the course are in Finnish. The lecture slides will later be available also in English.

18.1 Arrangements (slides  & handouts)

25.1 Introduction (slides & handouts)

15.2 Hardware (slides & handouts)

22.2 Software (slides & handouts)

1.3 Audio and Video I (slides & handouts)

15.3 Audio and Video II (slides & handouts)

22.3 Interchange Formats (slides & handouts)

29.3 Authoring Tools (slides & handouts)

12.4 Quality of Service (slides & handouts)

19.4 Multicast (slides & handouts)

26.4 Video Conference (slides & handouts)

3.5 Access Networks (slides & handouts)

Lecture Hours

The lectures of the course will be given on Thursdays at 10:15 - 12:00 at Computer Science Building lecture hall T1. The first lecture will be on Thursday the 18th of January.

This year the lectures will be given only in Finnish.

Lecture Notes

The course has lecture notes, but they are in Finnish. For those, who do not understand Finnish, the following book is recommended:

Exam Results

The exam results are available here.

Old Pages

Links to the the old web pages of the course are here:

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