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Macromedia Director
Get to know the program and do a relatively small multimedia presentation (choose the subject yourself) in which you use the common features of the program.

Assistant: Jari Kleimola, jari.kleimola(ät)tml.hut.fi
Get to know a flash editor and do a relatively small multimedia presentation (choose the subject yourself) in which you use the common features of the program. Another option would be to do an extensive comparison between several different editors.

Assistant: Jani Kaleva, jkaleva(ät)cc.hut.fi
Study the properties of the SMIL multimedia document language and make a SMIL document of some subject. Try to bring out the strong points and properties of the language. There are numerous free tools available for viewing and authoring. You can also study the Timesheets specification.

Starting points:
X-Smiles Browser

Mikko Pohja, mpohja(ät)cc.hut.fi
Get to know Scalable Vector Graphics format and make your own SVG document/application. You could also study how to produce SVG graphics dynamically (e.g., with a servlet application).

Starting points:
X-Smiles Browser

Assistant: Hannu Järvinen, hannu.jarvinen(ät)tml.hut.fi
Realtime music collaboration
Arrange a Ninjam recording session through the internet in (almost) realtime and save your recordings to an audio file. Write down network latencies during the recording and the routing map between points. Saved raw audio tracks should be later processed with, for example, Reaper audio editor. Edit the balance of different instruments and add new effects or material, etc. The finished master mix should be compressed to mp3 format with appropriate metadata. You can also try different tempos, music styles, and even a virtual jam session between several musicians.

Starting points:

Assistentti: Jari Kleimola, jari.kleimola(ät)tml.hut.fi
Make a sound file (few minutes of lenght). You can mix for example sound effects, music or speech and use the sound processing features of audioediting programs. The file should sound consistent and reasonable as a whole. You can use various shareware/trial programs for editing like Goldwave, Adobe Audition or Audacity (Linux). Being creative is allowed.

Starting points:
Audio Production Tools

Assistant: Jani Kaleva, jkaleva(ät)cc.hut.fi
Compose a video file (few minutes) and try to make the content reasonably whole and sensible. You can aquire material on the internet or by grabbing from vcr/tv and use Adobe Premier or Sony Vegas (available at TML) to assemble the file and for other tricks (text, cutting and effects). You can also try shareware programs in case you happen to know some good ones.

Starting points:

Assistant: Isto Vilhola, isto.vilhola(ät)hut.fi
Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP)
Get the necessary tools and create a java application for small mobile devices.

Starting points:
Cesar's slides
Sun J2ME Wireless Toolkit
Nokia J2ME Toolkit

Assistant: Alessandro Cogliati, alessandro.cogliati(ät)tml.hut.fi
XSL Stylesheets
Dig into XSL stylesheet standard and make example documents that demonstrate it's uses. You can especially study, e.g., how to adapt content for different platforms using XSL Transformations..

Starting points:
X-Smiles Browser

Assistant: Mikko Pohja, mpohja(ät)cc.hut.fi
Dig into XForms standard and make example documents that demonstrate it's uses. You can also study how the server/client architecture works and make a simple client/server application.

Starting points:

Assistant: Hannu Järvinen, hannu.jarvinen(ät)tml.hut.fi
Web Services
Create your own web service or use some existing one (e.g., Amazon, Google). A Web Service is a piece of software that makes itself available over the Internet. It is platform and language independent, so any device can make use of it. Basic background concepts are:
  • How you ask for a web service? (SOAP messages)
  • How you describe your web service? (WDSL)
  • How to register, publish, and find a web service? (UDDI)
Starting points:
W3C - Web Services
W3C - WS Architecture

Some web service providers:
UDDI - Test Register
Google Web APIs

Assistant: Alessandro Cogliati, alessandro.cogliati(ät)tml.hut.fi
Image and video compression
Learn the basics about digital image and/or video processing, study compression techniques and analyze the properties of different formats.

Starting points:
Yun Q. Shi and Huifang Sun. Image and Video Compression for Multimedia Engineering: Fundamentals, Algorithms, and Standards. CRC Press, 1999.Wang, Zhou and Bovik, A. C. 2002. A universal image quality index. IEEE Signal Processing Letters, vol. 9, pp. 81-84, March 2002.

HUOM: Tässä työssä dokumenttien ja kommunikaation kieli on vain englanti.

Assistant: Carlos Herrero,, carlos.herrero(ät)hut.fi
Audio compression
Study audio compression and compare different formats (MP3, RealAudio, WMA, AMR, AAC, Ogg Vorbis etc). In addition to subjective evaluation you can measure audio quality with some utility.

Starting points:

Assistant: Carlos Herrero, carlos.herrero(ät)hut.fi
Study the DVD standard and create your own DVD with menus etc.

Starting points:

Assistant: Isto Vilhola, isto.vilhola(ät)hut.fi
WAP/Mobile XHTML Toolkit
Build your own WAP/Mobile XHTML application with Nokia's Toolkit. Use dynamic content.

Starting points:
Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 4.0

Assistant: Istvan Beszteri, istvan.beszteri(ät)hut.fi
Java Media Framework
Make a java application (or applet) that uses the multimedia capabilities of JMF API.

Starting points:

Assistant: Istvan Beszteri, istvan.beszteri(ät)hut.fi
MHP & Superteletext
Study the MHP standard and make a superteletext service (XHTML+CSS) related to, e.g., a TV program (real or imaginary). More information and needed tools from the assistant.

Starting points:

Assistant: Jussi Teirikangas, jussi.teirikangas(ät)iki.fi
Your own topic
There are plenty of other good topics not mentioned above. So why not suggest your own topic?

Assistant: Jussi Teirikangas, jussi.teirikangas(ät)iki.fi

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