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T-111.350 Multimedia Technology (3 cr.) Spring 2005



  • The results of the May exam are now available at the web pages of the course (1.6.2005)
  • All lecture slides are now available at the web pages of the course (2.5.2005)
  • The lecture on Friday the 14th of March is cancelled (13.4.2005)
  • There is no lecture on Friday the 4th of February (26.1.2005)
  • The laboratory exercises web pages have now been updated (26.1.2005)
  • The lectures in English start on Friday the 21st of January at 9:15 in lecture room B130 (17.1.2005).
  • The first version of the 2005 web pages has now been published (5.1.2005).



The topic of the course is digital audio and video, different interchange formats, multimedia hardware, multimedia software, multimedia communications, video conference, and multimedia systems. The aim is to teach the basics of multimedia technology and its effects to communications and computation technology.


Prof. Petri Vuorimaa (tel. 451 4794, email Petri.Vuorimaa@hut.fi) is the responsible teacher and the main assistant of the course is Jussi Teirikangas (email Jussi.Teirikangas@hut.fi).

News Group

The news group of the course is opinnot.tik.mmtekn.


The requirements of the course include exam and laboratory exercise. One can get either half (1,5 points) or full (3 points) extra grade from the laboratory exercise to the final grade. The exam has to be passed with minimum grade of one (1), though.

Lecture Topics

The preliminary topics and dates of the lectures are (links to the lecture slides will be available later):

21.1 Arrangements (slides & handouts)

  • topic
  • staff
  • general
  • requirements
  • book
  • lectures hours
  • lectures
  • laboratory exercises

28.1 Introduction (slides & handouts)

  • What is multimedia
  • Multimedia systems
  • Quality of service
  • Synchronization & orchestration
  • Standards
  • Convergence
  • Value chain

11.2 Hardware (slides & handouts)

  • Multimedia computers
  • Video and graphics
  • Audio
  • Telephone, video conference, and networks
  • CD and DVD
  • USB and FireWire
  • Processors
  • Video for Windows, DirectX, and ActiveMovie

18.2 Software (slides & handouts)

  • Introduction
  • Browser based software architecture
  • Distributed software
  • Servers
  • Network
  • Terminals

25.2 Audio and Video I (slides & handouts)

  • Introduction
  • Digital audio
  • Psycho acoustics
  • Digital presentation of sound
  • Digital images
  • JPEG

11.3 Audio and Video II (slides & handouts)

  • Video signal
  • Camera sensors
  • Colors
  • Color television
  • Equipment
  • Compression systems
  • Basics of video compression
  • Methods
  • Algorithms

18.3 Interchange Formats (slides & handouts)

  • Introduction
  • Application areas
  • Requirements
  • Track and object model
  • Real-time transfer
  • Different transfer formats
  • Comparison

1.4 Authoring Tools (slides & handouts)

  • Introduction
  • Production process
  • Tools
  • Barriers
  • Development areas

8.4 Communications (slides & handouts)

  • QoS
  • ATM
  • QoS implementations
  • Integrated Services
  • Differentiated Services

22.4 Multicast (slides & handouts)

  • Introduction
  • Group control
  • Routing
  • Real-time transfer and control protocols
  • Resource reservation
  • Session control
  • MBone

29.4 Video Conference (slides & handouts)

  • Introduction
  • Standards
  • Products
  • Internet telephony
  • CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)

6.5 Access Networks (slides & handouts)

  • Introduction
  • Cable television
  • Digital subscriber lines
  • UMTS
  • Digital television
  • Conclusions

Lecture Hours

The lectures are given in English on Fridays at 9-11 am in lecture room B130. The lectures start on Friday the 21st of January.


The course book is Chan-Hwa Wu and J. David Irvin, Emerging Multimedia Computer Communication Technologies, Prentice Hall, 1998. Chapters 1-3 and 7-10 will be covered more thoroughly. Only most important issues will be covered from chapters 4-6.


The exam results are available behind the following links.


Old Pages

The web pages of the previous years are available from the links below.



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