Proceedings of Helsinki University of Technology
Seminar on Network Security 1995

A Practical Cryptographic Approach

Arto Karila, Pekka Nikander, Esa Turtiainen

Department of Computer Science
Telecomminucations Software and Multimedia Laboratory
Helsinki University of Technology


The HUT Network Seminar '95 concentrated on the practical perspectives of cryptography based distributed systems security.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Practical Cryptosystems and their Strength
Chapter 2: The IP Security Architecture
Chapter 3: Secure Multicast
Chapter 4: Introduction to and comparison of formalisms
Chapter 5: A Logic of Authentication by Burrows, Abadi and Needham
Chapter 6: Zero Knowledge Protocols and Small Systems
Chapter 7: Invisible communication
Chapter 8: Secure Electronic Mail
Chapter 9: Models of Electronic Commerce
Chapter 10: Mechanisms of Electronic Money
Chapter 11: Legal and Ethical Issues Related to
Chapter 12: Controlling and Securing Personal Privacy and Anonymity