Proceedings of Helsinki University of Technology
Seminar on Network Security 1996

Electronic Commerce

Professor Arto Karila, researcher Esa Turtiainen

Department of Computer Science
Telecomminucations Software and Multimedia Laboratory
Helsinki University of Technology


In autumn 1996 the focus of the seminar is on Electronic Commerce.

Table of Contents

I Electronic commerce in general

Chapter 1: Forms and models of electronic commerce
Chapter 2: Transactions
Chapter 3: Encryption and Strong Authentication for Electronic Commerce
Chapter 4: Electronic money

II Payment protocols

Chapter 5: First Virtual, the "Green Commerce" model
Chapter 6: Modex, CAFE and other types of bit money
Chapter 7: Secure Electronic Transaction (SET)
Chapter 8: Protocols and methods to ensure the correctness of information to be purchased

III Business aspects of electronic commerce

Chapter 9: Electronic commerce - fiction or reality?
Chapter 10: Content business
Chapter 11: Commerce on the Internet

IV Social and legal aspects of electronic commerce

Chapter 12: Online Publishing and Electronic Libraries
Chapter 13: Teledemocracy
Chapter 14: Global money - opportunity or threat?
Chapter 15: Anonymous services