Proceedings of Helsinki University of Technology
Seminar on Network Security 1997

Security of Corporate Networks

Professor Arto Karila
Tutors: Tommi Raivisto, Timo Rinne, Bengt Sahlin, Mari Seppä

Department of Computer Science
Telecomminucations Software and Multimedia Laboratory
Helsinki University of Technology


As business systems of large companies are increasingly dependent on the network, the importance of its security is becoming ever more significant. The main dimensions of security are confidentiality, integrity and availability, all of which are important in modern corporate networks. It can even be said, that the lack of security is the main obstacle preventing the full utilization of the possibilities provided by the Internet, intranet and extranet.

The HUT Network Security Seminar in the Fall of 1997 focused on Security of Enterprise Networks.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Smart Cards
Chapter 2: Single Sign-on
Chapter 3: Security on Backbone and Wide Area Network
Chapter 4: Modern Encryption Methods in User Authentication
Chapter 5: Computer Viruses
Chapter 6: Virtual Private Networks
Chapter 7: Extranet Connections
Chapter 8: Remote Work
Chapter 9: Internet Protocol Version Six (Ipv6)
Chapter 10: Security in Wireless Local Area Networks
Chapter 11: ActiveX
Chapter 12: Authentication on the Web
Chapter 13: NT Server Security
Chapter 14: Security of Network Management
Chapter 15: Moral and Legal Issues in Computer Security