Proceedings of the HUT Internetworking Seminar May '97

Arto Karila, James Reilly, Markku Paakkunainen, Ursula Holmström, Juha Tretjakov
Department of Computer Science
Helsinki University of Technology


The HUT Internetworking Seminar of May '97 concentrates on the the use of Internet for collaborative work and human to human connections.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Computer supported collaborative work
Chapter 2. The Internet as a tool for distance learning: emphasis on language learners and teachers
Chapter 3. Telecommuting
Chapter 4.Transferring real-time video on the Internet
Chapter 5. Realtime speech and voice trasmission on the Internet
Chapter 6. Distribution of Digital Media in the Internet
Chapter 7. Software Agents in the Internet
Chapter 8. Service Management and ActiveX
Chapter 9. The Role of WWW and Java in Internet Service and Network Management
Chapter 10. RSVP and the Internet Integrated Services
Chapter 11. Multicasting in the Internet
Chapter 12. PNNI Routing
Chapter 13. New acces technologies
Chapter 14. Java Security
Chapter 15. Where is the Internet evolving in the near future?
Chapter 16. When and how will these new applications be deployed?
Chapter 17. NNTP over MBONE
Chapter 18. Message oriented Middleware