Telecommunication Software and Multimedia Laboratory Internetworking Seminar

Tuesday, 5th of May

8:00Departure from the main entrance of HUT
8:30Approximate arrival time to Sjökulla
8:30Tee and coffee
9:00Opening words to the seminar by Professor Arto Karila

Introductions by Mika Loukola
9:15MPOA (Multiprotcol Over ATM)
by Veli-Pekka Kröger and Markku Hakonen (opponent Tommi Saranpää)
9:45The new possibilities offered by IPv6 for high-speed internetworking
by Sakari Haikarainen (opponent Klaus Lindberg)
10:15Differentiated Service for the Internet
by Markus Isomäki (opponents Veli-Pekka Kröger, Markku Hakonen)
10:45Comparison Between Ipsilon, Cisco, and SITA
by Otso Juntunen (opponents Olli Auvinen, Juha Pääjärvi)


Tea and Coffee break

Introductions by Stefan Nilsson
11:30Multi-gigabit Routers
by Klaus Lindberg (opponents Patrik Ros, Jouni Meriläinen)
12:00Socio-economic Impact of Broadband Internet
by Petri Puhakainen (opponent Tomi Salo)


Introductions by Mari Seppä
by Juha Eskelin (opponents Jussi Laakkonen, Vesa Kärpijoki)
14:30TRINET to gigabit ethernet
by Tommi Saranpää (opponent Jan-Erik Sarparanta)

15:00Coffee and tea break

Introductions by Mari Seppä
15:20Finnish Products - Requirements and Solutions
by Jussi Laakkonen, Vesa Kärpijoki (opponent Petri Puhakainen)
15:50Service Brokers for the Internet
by Juhana Räsänen (opponent Mikko Mättö)

17:30Night program

Wednesday, 6th of May

8:30Breakfast, coffee and tea

Introductions by Antti Hemminki
9:00Bandwidth Allocation and QoS - Business Factors of Today?
by Olli Auvinen and Juha Pääjärvi (opponent Tommi Elo)
9:30Fault Tolerance - Requirements and Solutions
by Jan-Erik Sarparanta (opponent Juhana Räsänen)
10:00IPSec in the Next Generation of the Internet
by Tomi Salo (opponent Juha Eskelin)
10:30Higher level authentication
by Mikko Mättö (opponent Sakari Haikarainen)


Introductions by Professor Arto Karila
12:30Security considerations of future high speed networks
by Tommi Elo (opponent Otso Juntunen)
13:00New High-speed Access Tehnologies
by Patrik Ros and Jouni Meriläinen (opponent Janne Tervonen)
13:30Influence of High-Speed Networks on People, Social Communities and Countries
by Pekka Kanerva (opponent Kari Melkko)

14:00Coffee and tea break

Introductions by Mari Seppä
14:20Broadband Networking
by Janne Tervonen (opponent Pekka Kanerva)
14:50Requirements of new broadband applications on the Internet
by Kari Melkko (opponent Markus Isomäki)
15:20Final Words of the Internetworking Seminar by Professor Arto