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Espoo, 2006

Mobile Communities

Seminar on Internetworking, Spring 2006

Antti Ylä-Jääski, Sanna Suoranta (eds.)

Tutors: Andres Arjona, Leo Bhebhe, Jani Hautakorpi, Kristiina Karvonen, Timo Kiravuo, Tancred Lindholm, Janne Lindqvist, Shuping Liu, Jukka Manner, Tomi Mikkonen, Matti Rantanen, and Ramya Thalainayar Balasubramanian

Peer-to-peer, P2P systems, P2P networks, P2P telephony, security, privacy

The articles have been written by the students at the course T-110.5190 Seminar on Internetworking in the spring 2006. We thank the tutors for providing advice during the process of writing.
The authors have full copyright to their articles.


ISBN: 951-22-8322-0    
ISSN: 1455-9749


During spring 2006 the seminar on Internetworking focus on mobile communities. In the early years of internetworking, file transfer, e-mail and WWW were the most popular applications on the Internet. Later on, we have witnessed the power of communities on the Internet, like for example the popular instant messaging and presence systems from late 90's (ICQ, AOL, Yahoo, MS Messenger, etc). During the same time, other powerful communities were built around e-commerce, like eBay and Amazon, and anti-ecommerce content delivery through P2P networks like Napster, Gnutella, Kazaa, and Akamai. Recently we have seen the growth of communities around blogs and VoIP (Skype). It seems evident that community networking is a viable, growing trend in the Internet that people are interested about.

The power of community networking will eventually emerge into mobile environments. Mobile Community can be defined as follows: "A network of interpersonal ties that provides sociability, support, information, a sense of belonging, social identity, and which always connects its members regardless of where they go. It's important to note that location, time and resources are not necessary constraints on membership or participation in a mobile community. However, the community may choose to form based on intended restriction of those variables." [http://www.mobilecommunitydesign.com/]

This seminar focuses on various aspects of mobile communities. Internetworking between mobile and fixed systems is naturally included in many of the topic areas. The seminar articles cover the following topics: group communication, communities in mobile environment, usability, voice over IP services, Skype, presence services, peer-to-peer systems, mobile cellular systems and services, service discovery, security and trust, content distribution, file sharing and business models. The articles cover the mobile communities topic rather broadly: some papers are providing overviews and surveys, while other papers research the topics making also scientific contributions.

Antti Ylä-Jääski

Paper collection

Aishvarya Kumar Sharma A study of WLAN Roaming and its implications for Voice Services (pdf)

Samuel Korpi Internet Telephony - Security Issues in Skype (pdf)

Pekka Silvekoski Use of eBays Reputation System in Skype (pdf)

Pin Nie An open standard for instant messaging: eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) (pdf)

Samuli Sorvakko Simplifying presence - a survey and a proposal (pdf)

Arturo Salinas Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Presence Service (pdf)

Eric Duran Methodologies for researching the usability of applications within mobile communities (pdf)

Marcus Dobrinkat Applying Recent Enhancements in Reputation Based Mechanisms for Promoting Trust in Mobile Communities (pdf)

Md. Rafiqul Hasan Chowdhuru Internet Pricing (pdf)

Pu Fan P2P architecture for IP telephony using SIP (pdf)

Timo Toivanen A study on interworking between centralized SIP, P2P-SIP and PSTN (pdf)

Xiaolei Xie A Technical Analysis of SIP and P2P Networks (pdf)

Heikki Suhonen How To Fit the World into a Mobile Phone? (pdf)

Irina Avetisova Wireless Cellular Services by Region (pdf)

Yang Yang Architecture and Performance Evaluation of MP2P (pdf)

Tuomas Jormola Security Architecture for the Internet Protocol in 2006 (pdf)

Juan Jose Rodriguez Ponce An overview of service discovery methods for mobile entities (pdf)

Kristian Selen UPnP security in Internet gateway devices (pdf)

Haydar Aydin Implementing Mobile E-mail with OceanStore (pdf)

Heikki Hakkala Consistency management in distributed storage systems (pdf)

Juuso Lehtinen Secure and Mobile Peer-to-Peer File Sharing (pdf)

Marko Berg SIP in Mobile Environments - Applications and Possibilities (pdf)

Ville Lukkari Security issues in P2P networks regarding person to person communication (pdf)

Semi Arajuuri Taking Advantage of Mobility in Game Design (pdf)

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