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Teknillisen korkeakoulun tietoliikenneohjelmistojen ja multimedian julkaisuja

Espoo, 2006

Security and Privacy in Pervasive Computing

Seminar on Network Security, Autumn 2006

Jukka Manner, Laura Takkinen (eds.)

Tutors: Andres Arjona, Dan Forsberg, Ursula Holmström, Wenhui Hu, Kristiina Karvonen, Timo Kiravuo, Tuomas Kivinen, Kari Kostiainen, Janne Lindqvist, Petri Puhakainen, Sanna Suoranta, Antti Ylä-Jääski

Authentication, identity management, IPSec, peer-to-peer, privacy, wireless network, VoIP

The articles have been written by the students at the course T-110.5290 Seminar on Network Security in the autumn 2006. We thank the tutors for providing advice during the process of writing.
The authors have full copyright to their articles.


ISBN: 978-951-22-8595-2    
ISSN: 1455-9749


This year the Seminar on Network Security was focusing on security and privacy in pervasive computing. Computing devices are constantly shrinking and becoming invisible parts of our everyday life. The devices we carry include increasing amounts of computing power, various wireless connectivity, and are more and more intelligent. The computing environment is becoming very dynamic, and moving into a decentralized and distributed direction with spontaneous connectivity. The devices are mobile, understand contexts and adapt to the environments the user moves in.

In this kind of dynamic environment with various service providers, and groups of users, security of the user's device and the services he wants to make use of become very challenging. Moreover, privacy of the user is a concern, and the handling of these countless keys and certificates becomes a serious usability problem for the average user.

These proceedings hold very interesting papers on a wide range of topics in pervasive computing. We have technical papers on protocol issues, for example, on NAT and firewall traversal and specific security protocols, and overview papers on security in wireless networks. Some other papers discuss wider architecture issues, such as, home networks, peer-to-peer systems, and authentication architectures. Furthermore, we also have papers on identity management and protection, and the privacy and ethics in pervasive computing.

A few papers in these proceedings are truly making new scientific contributions in the field, which is an excellent achievement for the students and their tutors. I'm looking forward to enjoying great presentations.

Finally, I would like to thank Laura Takkinen for being such a tremendous help in pulling this seminar together, and making sure everything goes smoothly and follows our schedule.

Prof. Jukka Manner
Telecommunications Software and Multimedia Laboratory
Espoo, December 1st, 2006

Paper collection

Annu Myllyniemi Identity Management Systems A Comparison of Current Solutions (pdf)

Jussi Malinen Windows CardSpace (pdf)

Jimmy Kjällman An Overview of Approaches to Privacy Protection in RFID (pdf)

Ernesto Jiménez Caballero Vulnerabilities of Intrusion Detection Systems in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks - The routing problem (pdf)

Timo Hassinen Overview of WLAN security (pdf)

Kaarlo Lahtela How Do People Use Security in the Home (pdf)

Jukka Tornberg Access Control in Home Networking (pdf)

Eerikki Aula Better-Than-Nothing security (pdf)

Billy Bob Brumley Blinding Self-Certified Key Issuing Protocols Using Elliptic Curves (pdf)

Tapio Korpela IT Security Evaluation of Skype in Corparate Networks (pdf)

Fakher Atout NAT/Firewall traversal: Issues and solutions (pdf)

Pauli Vesterinen User authentication in SIP (pdf)

Anssi Kolehmainen Are we living in 1984 (pdf)

Mikko Lipasti Role of Ethics in Pervasive Computing Security (pdf)

Hai Ren Comparison of Trust Model in Peer to Peer System (pdf)

Lin Wang Attacks Against Peer-to-peer Networks and Countermeasures (pdf)

Sateesh Kavuri Distributed AAA (pdf)

Timo Olkkonen Generic Authentication Architecture (pdf)

Matti Liljavirta Authentication in eTKK (pdf)

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