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Espoo, 2007

Home Networking

Seminar on Internetworking, Spring 2007

Antti Ylä-Jääski, Laura Takkinen (eds.)

Tutors: Andres Arjona, Rafiqul Chowdhury, Andrei Gurtov, Ursula Holmström, Kristiina Karvonen, Andrey Khurri, Timo Kiravuo, Jari Kleimola, Miika Komu, Tancred Lindholm, Sanna Suoranta, Jorma Wall, Juha Winter

Home networking, service discovery, UPnP, usability, DNS, firewall, NAT, smart home, security

The articles have been written by the students at the course T-110.5190 Seminar on Internetworking in the spring 2007. We thank the tutors for providing advice during the process of writing.
The authors have full copyright to their articles.


ISBN: 978-951-22-8852-6    
ISSN: 1455-9749


During spring 2007 the seminar on Internetworking focuses on networking technologies for the home environment. One major wireless trend that is currently under way is the deployment of wireless local area networks in the enterprises, in public places and at homes. Until quite recently, home networks were primarily the realm of technophiles only - most families either didn't need or couldn't afford more than one computer. This situation has already started to change. More and more homes have multiple computers and people are building connectivity between various devices inside the home and from the home to the Internet. In the future households, new type of devices will enter and leave the home network, which will become a necessity rather than a technical toy. To understand the ingredients that impact the home networking phenomenon, the key IP technologies, wireless link technologies, service management and schemes to manage the security and privacy of home networks all need to be considered. Also, the emerging business models and possible new players in the new markets need to be identified. In the home environment, the user aspects and what end users are looking for in their future homes is of crucial importance, and the management of a home network should be made as easy as possible. In this seminar we will address home networking with a wide range of topic areas.

Prof. Antti Ylä-Jääski

Paper collection

Mika Rajanen Overview of High-speed LAN Technology for Home Use (pdf)

Xi Xiao Introduction and comparison of competing in-home technologies (pdf)

Juho Koponen Programming a digitv system through the Internet (pdf)

Petri Palmila Zeroconf and UPnP techniques (pdf)

Juha Leppilahti Remote UI protocols for home environment (pdf)

Long Nguyen Hoang Middlewares for Home Monitoring and Control (pdf)

Long Ngo Service-oriented architecture for home networks (pdf)

Tan Miaoqing Service Discovery between Multiple Home Networks (pdf)

Blerta Bishaj Comparison of Service Discovery Protocols (pdf)

Yao Yanjun Trusted Media Storage (pdf)

Henrik Klinkmann An Architecture for Accessible and Sharable Digital Video in the Home Environment (pdf)

Filip Šuba Usability and Security of DRM architectures (pdf)

Samu Varjonen Local Name Resolution In Disconnected State (pdf)

Tapio Janasik How to access home while on the road (pdf)

Chia Pern Hui How to Study Home Users (pdf)

Zhao Hanbo The changing view of home (pdf)

Olli Loikkanen: Home traffic modelling (pdf)

Theofanis Kilinkaridis Meeting Household Expectations of a Future Intelligent Home (pdf)

Herman-Filip Björklund Wiring Devices and Technologies in Home Environment (pdf)

Zhihua Jin Visualization of the Home Network (pdf)

Anssi Kolehmainen Optimizing firewall performance (pdf)

Teemu Mäki Explicit Mechanisms for Controlling NAT/Firewall Systems Dynamically (pdf)

Oscar Santolalla Why and How to block Skype (pdf)

Sergey Gerasimenko The evolution of wireless home networking (pdf)

Veli-Jussi Raitila Tag, you’re it - NFC in a home environment (pdf)

Anu Markkola Identifying Hosts in Home Networks (pdf)

Amr Ergawy Multilayered Mobility Management in Next Generation Wireless Network: Home Networks Perspective (pdf)

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