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Espoo, 2007

Security of the End Hosts on the Internet

Seminar on Network Security, Autumn 2007

Jukka Manner, Laura Takkinen (eds.)

Tutors: Andres Arjona, Marko Berg, Billy Brumley, Rafiqul Chowdhury, Miika Komu, Kari Kostiainen, Jukka Manner, Mika Ståhlberg, Jaakko Tuomimäki, Jukka Valkonen, Samu Varjonen, Teemupekka Virtanen, Kazi Zahid

Security, trust, application, network, mobile, malware, host, end point

The articles have been written by the students at the course T-110.5290 Seminar on Network Security in the autumn 2007. We thank the tutors for providing advice during the process of writing.
The authors have full copyright to their articles.


ISBN: 978-951-22-9188-5    
ISSN: 1455-9749


The aim of the Fall 2007 Seminar of Network Security is to take a look at the many technologies and schemes used today to protect end hosts and information from malicious users on the Internet. The focus is on end devices, e.g., user terminals, servers, sensors, and other equipment that is connected to the Internet, and on information and applications, e.g., how to trust applications to behave properly, and how to trust information and resources in general.

These proceedings hold very interesting papers on a wide range of topics. We have papers on network applications, and the security of information and resources. Security threats for the mobile world are also analyzed. Many of the papers discuss methods for detecting and preventing malicious network behavior and network traffic, other papers discuss mechanisms for protecting systems, and networks. We have technical papers describing actual and possible threats, while other papers go directly into the solution space and present techniques that are being used to make the computing environment safer and more trustworthy.

A few papers in these proceedings are truly making new scientific contributions in the field, which is an excellent achievement for the students and their tutors. I'm looking forward to enjoying great presentations.

Finally, I would like to thank, once again, Laura Takkinen for being such a tremendous help in pulling this seminar together, and making sure everything goes smoothly and follows our schedule.

Prof. Jukka Manner
Telecommunications Software and Multimedia Laboratory
Vancouver, December 3rd, 2007

Paper collection

Magnus Melin Damage Control for Network Applications (pdf)

Lauri Kiiski Security Patterns in Web Applications (pdf)

Lauri Kolmonen Securing Network Software using Static Analysis (pdf)

Juhana Yrjölä Trusting the content of web resources in the Semantic Web (pdf)

Kimmo Palletvuori Security of Data Warehousing Server (pdf)

Janne Varjus Digital signature in insecure environments (pdf)

Yu Qiao Commercial and Industrial Applications: A Study on RFID's Adoption (pdf)

Antti Poikela End Device Support for AAA in SIP Conferencing (pdf)

Jan Lucenius Ad hoc conferencing in the IMS (pdf)

Matti Manninen Using Artificial Intelligence in Intrusion Detection Systems (pdf)

Turkka Äijälä Security Concerns In Worm Containment using Vigilante (pdf)

Aleksi Toivonen Use of Symmetric And Asymmetric Cryptography in False Report Filtering in Sensor Networks (pdf)

Antti Nummipuro Detecting P2P-Controlled Bots on the Host (pdf)

Gabriela Limon Garcia Forensic physical memory analysis: an overview of tools and Techniques (pdf)

Sakari Laitinen Honeypotting with Solaris (pdf)

Michael Wikberg: Secure computing: SELinux (pdf)

Cong Nie Dynamic Root of Trust in Trusted Computing (pdf)

Jenni Susan Reuben A Survey on Virtual Machine Security (pdf)

Jiao Dapeng Personal Firewall Usability-A Survey (pdf)

Ismo Lehmus Methods for Identifying Unwanted Network Traffic (pdf)

Weiwei Hu Security threat to IP less cellular phone - a brief survey (pdf)

Jouni Soitinaho Security Threats of Mobile Service User (pdf)

Somaya Arianfar Security Risk in Accepting Mobile Code to Achieve Mobility for Ubiquitous Computing (pdf)

Pankaj Saharan Host Naming and URL Conventions (pdf)

Jagannatha Haritash Tamvada Posture of an End Point (pdf)

Abul Ahsan Md. Mahmudul Haque UPnP Networking: Architecture and Security Issues (pdf)

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