Petteri Koponen, Juhana Räsänen, Olli Martikainen,
Calypso Service Architecture for Broadband Networks.
D. Gaiti, Ed. Proceedings of the 2nd IFIP Conference on Intelligent Networks and Intelligence in Networks , Paris, France (Sep. 1997) pp. 73--82


The Calypso project aims at developing an extremely flexible control and service architecture for ATM-based broadband networks. This architecture provides various alternatives to distribute the network and service control functions among clients, servers and different network nodes. This means that a control or service function can reside not only in a network node, but in the customer's workstation or in the service provider's dedicated server. Instead of the traditional ATM or IN signalling, the Calypso architecture uses the TCP/IP protocol suite for the management and control of the network and services. The management, control and user data is transferred by means of IP switching. In addition to IP switching, the architecture will support end-to-end native ATM streams with guaranteed Quality of Service. In this paper we compare the Calypso architecture with the traditional B-ISDN and IN architectures. We focus on describing the Java-based Service Execution Environment that provides a flexible platform for the management and execution of both services and control functions.

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