Juhana Räsänen, Petteri Koponen, Olli Martikainen,
Broadband Network Architectures.
K. Boyanov, Ed. Proceedings of the Network Information Processing Systems '97 Conference , Sofia, Bulgaria (Oct. 1997) pp. 202--214


To support a wide range of multimedia services the future fixed and wireless broadband networks should allow distribution of the service functions between the customer terminals and the network nodes. Intelligent Networks (IN) can be considered as one of the bridging technologies between customer based service management and service execution in the networks. However, the concept of intelligent services and the distribution of their functionality into the network is a question that needs attention. To satisfy multimedia service needs the future broadband networks should support distributed operations for easy service creation and deployment. In this paper we describe two approaches to broadband network architectures studied in the Telecommunications Software and Multimedia Laboratory of the Helsinki University of Technology.

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