Fine Motor Interaction Methods for Immersive Free-Hand Expression

Click the image to display a video clip shown in YLE Kulttuuriuutiset on 13.10.2005

"Painted into air" on display at Kiasma (Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki)

The works of art created with HELMA software are on display at Kiasma art museum from November 4th to 27th. Experience the three-dimensional paintings made by ten distinguished Finnish artists. By using special 3D glasses you can walk into the works and view them as freely as real sculptures.

Research foci

  • Artistic free-hand expression
  • Two-handed interaction methods


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Hardware components

  • EVE, the Experimental Virtual Environment
  • Näprä. A low-cost finger tracker enabling fine motor painting.




Sketches created with Helma using a wand. Click a thumbnail for full size image.

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