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List of courses [T-109] [T-110] [T-111] [T-124] [Kaikki]
TML also arranges the following Inf-courses: Inf-0.1202, Inf-0.1300 and Inf-0.3100.
Lecture and exam schedules
Lecture and exam schedules of the CS department
Postgraduate education
Telecommunications Software and Multimedia Laboratory offers many possibilities for postgraduate studies. A lot of research is going on all the time and new people are very welcome.
Option of Telecommunication Software and Applications
Telecommunications, especially telecommunications software, is an area that has been experiencing rapid growth for dozens of years, independent of economic conjunctures. Finland is among the leading countries in the development, manufacturing and exports of telecommunications products per capita. The availability of highly skilled professionals and results of applied research has become the major factor limiting the growth of this sector.

The option of Telecommunication Software and Applications offers many major and minor options. In the following list the first four are organized by Telecommunication Software and Multimedia Laboratory. (Please see the study guides for current and old lists of courses in each major/minor.)
Media brewery (Mediariihi)
Information on the Mediariihi classroom, video editing rooms, and the borrowable AV equipment for media courses' students

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