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Espoo, 2004

Routing - from baseline to state-of-the-art

Seminar on Internetworking, Spring 2004

Antti Ylä-Jääski, Nadja Kasinskaja (eds.)

Pasi Eronen, Timo Kiravuo, Teemu Koponen, Mika Leppäkoski, Sanna Liimatainen, Junchun Luo, Antti Nuopponen, Pekka Savola, Marius Sirbu, Sami Vaarala, Zheng Yan, Antti Ylä-Jääski

Routing, security, mobility, multihoming, ad-hoc networks, MIPv4, MIPv6, SCTP, LIN6, HIP, IPSec, IKE, AAA, BGP

The articles have been written by the students at the course T-110.551 Seminar on Internetworking in the spring 2004. We thank the tutors for providing advice during the process of writing.
The authors have full copyright to their articles.

ISBN: 951-22-7149-4    
ISSN: 1455-9749


The Internetworking Seminar in Spring 2004 is titled "Routing - from baseline to state-of-the-art". A broad view for the topic area was taken in the seminar so that the papers extend from basic routing to areas that are broadly related to the routing theme. Security and mobility will bring an interesting twist to the Internet routing for long time in the future; due to the heterogeneity of the Internet, universal solutions for mobility and security are not yet at hand. It also remains to be seen when ad-hoc networks will eventually evolve and how they will be deployed.

From this basis, altogether 35 papers were selected into the seminar. The papers cover the following topic areas.

In the future, it will be interesting to see how the Internet technologies will eventually evolve in the routing area. What are the techniques that will be really deployed and used in practice, and which of the developments will never find their use-cases. Interesting developments will also be seen when service interworking between heterogeneous networks will take place including wireline Internet, GPRS, 3G, corporate WLAN and home WLAN networks.

Antti Ylä-Jääski

Paper collection

Janne Lindqvist: Counting to infinity(pdf)

Jarkko Ilomäki: Recent Developments in BGP-4(pdf)

Jukka Honkola: OSPF and IS-IS Evolution(pdf)

Kaarle Ritvanen: Multicast Routing and Addressing(pdf)

Otilia Benak: Routing in Third Generation Telecommunication Networks(pdf)

Juha Väisänen: Balancing incoming traffic over multiple links(pdf)

Aleksandr Huhtonen: Comparing AODV and OLSR Routing Protocols(pdf)

Tuulia Kullberg: Performance of the Ad-hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol(pdf)

Sampo Naski: Performance of Ad-hoc Routing Protocols: Characteristics and Comparison(pdf)

Petri Miettinen: BGP: The Next Best Thing Since Silced Bread?(pdf)

Tuna Vardar: Security in Interdomain Routing(pdf)

Iikka Väkiparta: Security of Inter-Autonomous Systems Routing(pdf)

Karina Gribanova: Uni-directional Links in Routing(pdf)

Janne Linnolahti: QoS Routing for P2P Networking(pdf)

Terho Antila: Internetworking with SOAP(pdf)

Juha Ranta: Router Redundancy and Scalability Using Clustering(pdf)

Heikki Ollikainen: Routing Security - an Overview(pdf)

Lauri Helenius: Integrating Mobile IPv4 and IPsec Authentication(pdf)

Kai Inkinen: New Secure Routing in Ad-hoc Networks: Study and Evaluation of Proposed Schemes(pdf)

Sami Vaarala: Secure IPv4 Mobility for Enterprise Users(pdf)

Ville Partanen: Mobile IPv4 High Availability(pdf)

Essi Vehmersalo: Mobility and Multihoming Solutions with Host Identity Layer - Introduction and Comparison(pdf)

Mika Ratola: Which Layer for Mobility? - Comparing Mobile IPv5, HIP and SCTP(pdf)

Olga Antonova: Introduction and Comparison of SCTP, TCP-MH, DCCP Protocols(pdf)

Kiril Kamenev: Clustered Network Applications(pdf)

Jimmy Kurian: Ensuring Security in Ad-hoc Networks(pdf)

Sebastian Popa: Architectures for J2EE Applications Clustering(pdf)

Pillai Unnikrishnan: Introduction and Analysis of DSR Protocol(pdf)

Joonas Kekoni: IP Mobility Techniques Compared(pdf)

Naveen Gundu: Mobility vs Multihoming(pdf)

Markku Rantala: Mobile IP and IPSec in Enterprise Use(pdf)

Chandani Haresh: Comparison and Analysis of IP and IKEv2 Mobility Extensions(pdf)

Fengping Li: A Study of Mobility in WLAN(pdf)

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Published on June 1st, 2004.