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T-110.557 Research seminar on telecommunications software (2-4 cr) Fall 2004


The proceedings from the workshop day are finally available online. (3205 kB)

Seminar topic fall 2004: Identifier/Locator split and DHTs

In the current IP architecture, an IP address acts both as a locator (a name of a topological location of a host) and as an identifier (a name of a host, independent of its location). The increasing need to support mobile and multi-homed hosts, or multi-addressed hosts for short, demand that these two roles of IP addresses are separated from each other. At the IETF, there are a number of proposals (for example, HIP) on how to introduce such a separation into the current architecture without breaking too much.

In this research seminar, we will study the proposed ID/locator split, and the underlying phenomena. Additionally, we will study Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs), and study how they can be used to solve the so called referral problem in the new architectures.



The lecture time will be 16:00 - 17:30, Wednesday, without any breaks. The first lecture will start on Wed Sep 15.


HIIT, Tammasaarenkatu 3, Pinta, 6th floor. (Map)

Note: Take the elevator to the 6th floor and ring the door bell. Someone will come open and tell you the way. Be sure to be there before 4pm as the doors downstrairs will be locked at 4pm.

Presentation for Master students

If you hope to find the presentation slides, Please clike the corresponding speaker's name.

Note: After your presentation, Please send your final version of presentation to assistants

Date Topic 1Presentation Topic 2Presentation
Sep 15 IntroductionPN
Sep 22 2. Salzer, Reed et al PN 1. Kleinrock & Kamoun AG
Sep 29 4. Francis & Gummadi RH 18. FrancisAS
Oct 6 8. Clack et al JA 16. Braden, Clark et al LD
Oct 13 15. Crowcroft et al JH 17. Ford LD
Oct 20 6. Arkko & Nikander RH 10. Henderson et al JH
Oct 27 3. Stoica et al AS 5. Sit and Morris MK
Nov 3 7. Stoica et al EV 9. Eriksson et al OW
Nov 10 11. Gummadi et al OW 12. Zhao et al JK
Nov 17 13. Dabek et al JA 14. Rhea et al JK
Nov 24 19. Balakrishnan et al MK 20. Zhuang et al EV

See full reference

See Suggested paper topics for graduate students

Paper assignments for graduate students

Student No.Paper topic Instructor
94355BGroup communication (Slide)Andrei
94216SHow HIP/Hi3 can be used with SIP (Slide)Pekka
45269NInterworking at which layer? Implications for identifier/locator splitPekka
DanMobile IP vs HIP?Andrei
94025RThe implications of NATs on IP mobility protocolsAndrei
65598MIntegrating legacy user authentication with HIP (Slide)Pekka
36625PId/loc split and multicast (Slide)Andrei
40358CPrivacy vs. identity on different layersPekka
47521CDHT performance (Slide)Andrei
46580NProcess migration with HIP (Slide)Andrei
32883RAddressing privacy in HIPPekka
53089DIP address assignment and autoconfiguration in Ad-Hoc NetworkAndrei
44296JApplication of DHT in a 4G RANPekka
53288PFault tolerance for Address autoconfigAndrei
49919HHIP proxy (Slide)Pekka
KristianApplying HIP to IPv6 neighbour discoveryAndrei
44461BUsing Host Identity Protocol in Ad Hoc Access Networks (Slide)Pekka
45229LUsing overlay routing for DoS protection (Slide)Pekka
62317UDHT performance (Slide)Andrei
46991EIdentifier/Locator Split and Group Communication with Distributed Data Transport (Slide)Andrei
42830ESignalling delegation for Network Mobility (Slide)Pekka
75109CMicro-economics models and DHTsPekka
50991Smultipath congestion contorl(Slide)Andrei
40351SApplying id/loc split for trust management in clustered ad hoc networksPekka

Graduate students see (Graduate) Schedule for paper writing and the LaTex template for the course.

Requirements and participations

The seminar will have two different requirements, one set for undergraduate students and the other one for graduate students. The undergraduate students would just read two papers and give 15 min presentations about the central ideas on the papers. While the graduate students would work on their own related work, writing a paper, and then giving a talk at a NetSec like full day seminar.

Passing requirements for undergrads (2 cr):

  1. 2 seminar presentations, 15 min each
  2. 70% participation to the weekly meetings
  3. participation to the full day meeting
  4. The students should send the slides for their presentations to the address t-110.557@tml.hut.fi at latest on the Friday before their presentation.

Passing requirements for grad students (4 cr):

  1. 60% participation to the weekly meetings
  2. brief e-mail write ups of the papers of the weekly meetings missed, sent to the assistants
  3. writing the paper, 8-12 pages
  4. presenting the paper at the full day meeting

Course staff

Lecturer: Docent Pekka Nikander, Andrei Gurtov
Assistants: Jan Hlinovsky and Wenpeng Zhou
newsgroup: opinnot.tik.newsgroup

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