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T-111.400 Virtual Reality (3 cr) P

autumn 2004

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  • [1.2.] Grades of course works
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  • [8.1.] Reservation of the second porting session opened in wwwtopi.
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  • [22.11.] Example code of Aquarium demo is available at lecture notes site.
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  • [12.10.] Exercise environment is now working at O2s of the Niksula. Try source ~t111400/setVRenv. Read also instructions.
  • [5.10.] Instructions for the exercise puslished.
  • [29.7.] First lecture is at 13th September 2004 in hall T3. Lectures will be given in Finnish language.

Course pages

Lecturing timetable and slides (in Finnish)


Learning the tools and concepts for simulation and manipulation of 3D virtual worlds. Topics include physiology of sensing and immersive (visual, aural, and haptic) I/O-devices, and applications of virtual reality.


The lectures are held on Mondays at 12-14 in the lecture hall T3. The first lecture is on Monday the 13th of September 2004. The lectures are in Finnish.

Passing the course

You must pass an exam and do an exercise to pass the course. The first exam after the course is on Friday the 10th of December at 9-12 in the lecture hall T1. The exercise work will be done as a group work. It seems that the size of one group will be four students. So this should not be a problem for foreign students. You can just go to one group and other students certainly can explain you what should be done. Here will also be more information later.

Prerequisites and enrollment

The recommended prerequisites for this course are the courses T-111.300 Computer Graphics ja T-111.350 Multimedia Technology. Use wwwtopi to enroll to the course.


The book that the lectures follow is: W.R. Sherman and A.B. Craig, Understanding Virtual Reality, Morgan Kaufman, 2003.
Link to book at Amazon.

The former course book Kalawsky, R.S., "The Science of Virtual Reality and Virtual Environments", Addison-Wesley 1993. can of course be used as additional reading, but it's not the course book anymore.

VRSource Discussion forums etc.

Other info

Enrollment: wwwtopi

Course newsgroup: opinnot.tik.keinotodellisuus

Course staff

Tapio Lokki, Tapio.Lokki(at), responsible of the course
Iikka Olli, Iikka.Olli(at), course assistant (EVE)

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