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A Look at Electronic Commerce

The following short essays were done as part of the Computer Networks course in the spring of 1997. The summarize quite nicely the position of different products in the evergrowing world of electronic commerce. One or couple of these products will outgrow the others eventually.

ACH, Automated Clearing House

AT&T's Anonymous Internet Mercantile Protocol, Anonymous Credit Cards

Cafe Project

Carnegie Mellon University INI's NetBill


CyberCash's Secure Internet Payment Service

Cypherpunk's Magic Money (NexusBucks, Phantom Exchange)

DEC's Millicent

DigiCash's e-Cash

EPH, Electronic Payments Handler

FSTC's Electronic Check

First Bank of Internet's FBOI

First Virtual's Green Commerce

Hewlett-Packard's Vishnu

IBM's Internet Keyed Payment Protocols(iKP)

Java Wallet

LETSystems' LETSgo

MasterCard's & VISA's Secure Electronic Transaction (SET)

Merita's SOLO



Netscape's Secure Courier

Software Agents, Inc.'s NetCash/NetBank

USC's NetCash

USC's NetCheque

Visa's Value Card

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