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DIVA - Animation

Orchestra visualization includes kinematic modelling of orchestra members and their instruments, automatic orchestra animation generation, and animation playback control. The musicians have also a limited ability to react to changes in their environment while an animation is running. For example a virtual DIVA musician can look around and blink while playing an instrument. The DIVA system can automatically generate instrument manipulation animations from MIDI-encoded music. Musicians are represented with kinematic human models that have about 70 degrees of freedom each. The DIVA animation generator analyses a music score, and with the help of an instrument property database, converts the notes into a minimum-length list of end-effector goals. For fast playback, the list of end-effector goals is then preprocessed with inverse kinematics into a kinematic movie that con- tains only forward kinematic parameters. These actions of virtual musicians are animated and synchronized with a synchronization signal generated by tempo tracking module.

Researchers working with animation

  • Juha Teirilä
  • Jens Wilke
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