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The 14-18 May 2000 at Finlandia Hall, Helsinki, the DIVA Virtual Orchestra is presenting at 2nd International Sibelius Conductor's Competition. The Virtual Orchestra is available in a concert hall foyer and the audience can try to conduct the competition pieces (such as Beethoven's "Egmont" and Stravinsky's "Sacre de Printems") during the breaks.

A lite version of diva band is again exhibited in Heureka - The Finnish Science Centre fall 1999 to 2000. The exhibition is called "Communications". This diva version uses inexpensive PC hardware to visualize the band and perform conductor following.


DIVA was presenting in chi2000 conference in "The Art of Beyond the Desktop" panel

A lite version of diva band was exhibited in Heureka - The Finnish Science Centre fall 98 to 99.

Demonstration in EUNIS 99 conference at Espoo 8.6.1999.

The DIVA band was demonstrated in AES 16th International Conference at Rovaniemi, Finland on 10-12 April, 1999.

The DIVA band took part in the III Symposium of Music Researcher at Jyväskylä 16-17 April, 1999. In this demo the band accompanied a jazz pianists. (The accompany method is invented by Petri Toiviainen from University of Jyväskylä)

The DIVA band was demonstrated in Joint ASA/EAA Meeting in Berlin on Tuesday 16th March 1999.

DIVA - orchestra performed in Museum of art and Design 15.9.98 in the opening of the Homo Mobilis - Mobile Man exhibition.

MARIENKIRCHE - A demonstration film presented in SIGGRAPH98's Electronic Theater.

16.6.98 DIVA - orchestra played at Sonera conference in Kiasma.

The SynChronos multi-media performance in Finlandia-Hall 26.11.97 featured some animation and physical modeling sound synthesis using components of DIVA.

The virtual band played in the TKY concert dances 23.10.97. The band was conducted by Tapio Lokki.

The whole DIVA setup has been demonstrated in the SIGGRAPH 97 Electric Garden. There were over 700 people who conducted the virtual band.

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