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Enactive Media is a multidisciplinary research project aiming at the conceptualization, technical implementation and analysis of narrative systems where the participant is involved in embodied and situated ways. The goals are to
A number of innovative application areas beyond experimental are foreseen that may draw directly from the concept of enactive media, including: generative music videos, ambient audiovisual landscapes, situated news and enactively personalized advertisement sequences, situated video instructions and health care/medical applications that are adaptive to physiological states. In addition to opening a new academic conceptualization, the outcomes will also have a potential for technological and economical exploitation.

The inherently systemic approach provides a shared conceptual framework that integrates computational, holistic, psychophysiological, cognitive, and creative perspectives. Methods of the disciplines are combined and even integrated in the project.

Keywords: embodied action, situated action, narrative ontologies, narrative spaces, interactive narrative

Supported for 2009 – 2011 by Academy of Finland.

Research partners and key persons
  Research personnel in 2009
Results: contribution to Enactive Dialectics installation at  e-MobilArt  exhibition, Katowice.

Contacts: professor Tapio Takala

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