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HandsOn is a research project focusing on investigating application of virtual reality technology and three dimensional user interfaces in tasks related with industrial design, animation and machinery design. Project researchers design, build and evaluate prototypes that replace traditional interfaces with three dimensional work spaces allowing designers to directly manipulate virtual objects with their hands. Three Finnish Universities and number of companies are participating in the project.  
The goal of the project is to develop methods and work processes for two-handed interaction applied in the industrial design and computer animation tasks. Instead of typical human-computer interaction model based on a monitor, keyboard and mouse, the users will be provided with means to perform animation and modeling tasks in a three-dimensional virtual reality environment. In this environment, created with the aid of stereographic displays, camera based tracking and haptic force feedback devices, the users are able to touch, sketch, manipulate and transform objects directly with the movements and gestures of their hands.

In the provided environment the users will be able to create three-dimensional objects gradually from arbitrary sketches to dimensionally accurate models. The users are also able to build mechanic and kinematic machinery, and investigate how they function. The movement of objects can be defined with different controls (as with marionettes or puppetry), or hand by hand as a theatre director.

HandsOn 2008