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Usability Testing of Virtual Reality Aided Design: Framework for Prototype Development and Test Scenario

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Modeling by Hand: Building a Bimanual Gesture Based 3D User Interface for Blender

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Visualizing Design Ideas Using Performance and Comic - Results of Collaborative Scenario Building

The book is result of work made in Systems of Representation Research Group, Media Lab, TaiK.
Illustrations by Riia Celen. Graphic design by Tania Rodríguez. 2008

Occasional Users' Experiences of Visiting a Virtual Environment, in 'Distributed Simulation and Real-Time Applications
Tiainen, T; Katajamaki, T; Ellman, A. & Kaapu, T.
2006, DS-RT'06. Tenth IEEE International Symposium on', pp. 63--69.

Speech control interfaces in virtual environments
Kuusisto, J., Ellman, A.
ICMA 2006 International conference on mechatronics 7.-8,6.2006. Seinäjoki, Finland. 7 p.

Wearable Haptic Glove with McKibben Actuators and Optical Tracking for Virtual Environments
Kuusisto, J; Takala, T; Korkalo, O; Ellman, A; Takala, T.
Published in Proceedings of the 4th International INTUITION Conference Virtual Reality and Virtual Environments, Athens, Greece, October 4 - 5, 2007. 10 p.

Combination of Virtual and Physical Objects in User-centered Design of Mobile Work Machine Cabin
Ellman, A; Laitinen, J; Tiainen, T.
Proceedings of IMECE2007, 2007 ASME International Congress and Exposition, November 11-15, 2007, Seattle, Washington, USA, 6 p.

Effect of Navigation Task on Recalling Content: The Case of Occasional Users in Restricted, Cave-like Virtual Environment
Tiainen, T; Ellman, A; Kaapu, T; Davis, R.
To be published in E. Alba, S.J. Turner, D. Roberts, and S.J.E. Taylor (Eds.)
Proceedings of 11th IEEE / ACM International Symposium on Distributed Simulation and Real-Time Applications, 22- 34.10.2007, Chania, Greece, 8 p.

Wearable haptic device for an IPT system based on pneumatic muscles
Iltanen, M; Ellman, A; Laitinen, J.
Proceedings of 2007 ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conferences IDECT/CIE September 4-7, Las Vegas, USA, 7 p.

Usability Testing of Virtual Reality Aided Design: Framework for Prototype Development and a Test Scenario
Harviainen, T; Svan, L; Takala, T
4th INTUITION international conference and workshop on virtual reality and virtual environments, Athens, Greece, October 4--5, 2007, s. 172-181, 2007

Monocular head tracking for desktop virtual environments
Korkalo, Otto; Takala, Tapio
13th Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments, Weimar, Germany, 15-18.7.2007, 53-58, 2007

Virtual Reality Aided Design
Harviainen, T.
2008, [M.Sc. Masters Thesis] (In Finnish)
Publications under work or submitted for review
Evaluation of Virtual Prototypes with Alternative User Interfaces
Ellman, A; Kuusisto, J; Laitinen, J.
Proceedings of 2008 ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conferences IDECT/CIE August 3-6, New York, USA, 7 p. (Arvioitavana)

A Probabilistic Method for Articulated Model Pose Interpretation From Sketches
Svan, L.
2008, [M.Sc Final Thesis]

Optical Finger Tracking
Takala, T.
2008, [M.Sc. Final Thesis]

Role-playing and Boundary Objects for Collaborative Scenario Design
Díaz, L; Salmi, A.

HandsOn Project Domain Analysis
Salmi, A; Díaz, L; Reunanen, M.


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