Interactive Embodied Emotional Experience

Project director

Tapio Takala studied physics, electronics and computer science at Helsinki University of technology, receiving his Dr.Tech in 1987 on modeling in computer aided design. Since 1995 he has been professor of interactive digital media, currently as head of the Dept. of Media Technology. Research interests include computer graphics and interactive technologies, animation and 3D modeling, virtual reality, sound and music, with an inclination to artistic applications and creativity.

Current group members

Inger Ekman received her MSc from University of Tampere in 2003. She is a doctoral student at University of Tampere and a member of the KIT graduate school. Her research topics include sound design techniques for interactive environments and game design. In her current research, she is looking into techniques for influencing sound semantics and emotional content in real-time interactive sound environments.

Meeri Mäkäräinen received her MSc. from Helsinki University of Technology in 2006. She is a doctoral student at Helsinki University of Technology and member of the UCIT graduate school. She is also studying for a MA degree at the University of Art&Design. Her research focuses on animation of emotional gestures and especially facial expressions. This work includes developing models for emotional and expressive behavior of autonomous agents.

Antti Poikola is a MSc student at Helsinki University of Technology, expected to graduate in 2008. His research interests are emotional and non-verbal cues in social interaction.

Perttu Hämäläinen received his Dr. Tech. in 2007 from Helsinki University of Technology.

Former members

Tommi Tykkälä