Interactive Embodied Emotional Experience

Case Studies

FACIAL ANIMATION. The animated three-dimensional model of a human head was constructed to investigate how to produce fully controllable facial expressions of emotion. The facial activity of the model is based on the Facial Action Coding System, which allows construction of new facial expressions from elemental action units.

INVISIBLE ENI is an eyes only computer game, built to investigate the scope and possibilities, as well as design aesthetics, of eyes only Human-Computer Interaction. Playing the game engages the player in various different forms of interaction. The game uses gaze direction, blinking and a novel interaction technique, voluntary pupil dilation. Pupil based interaction also investigates new forms of affective computing as players are invited to explore their emotions as a way of controlling elements in the game.

FISHING GAME. We investigate how the muscle force of actions can be used as a control in 3D virtual environments, especially for 3D modelling tasks. The system detects muscle activation trhough an EMG-sleeve and makes available different interaction possibilities depending on the force of a gesture. A fishing game prototype was developed to evaluate EMG-based interaction - the type of fish you can catch depends on how you pull the hook!



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