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Research at Helsinki University of Technology focuses on developing methods for camera based tracking solutions and building and testing prototypes of three dimensional user interfaces for 3D modeling and animation tasks.

Research at Tampere University of Technology focuses on improvement of design methods in mechanical engineering using virtual environments (VE) and applying 3D interaction techniques such as haptics.

The mission of Media Lab of TaiK is to explore the new digital technology and its impact in society, to find the possibilities it opens to communication, interaction and expression and to evaluate the challenges it poses to design and creative production.
HandsOn is a research project focusing on investigating application of virtual reality technology and three dimensional user interfaces in tasks related with industrial design, animation and machinery design. Project researchers design, build and evaluate prototypes that replace traditional interfaces with three dimensional work spaces allowing designers to directly manipulate virtual objects with their hands. Three Finnish Universities and number of companies are participating in the project.

HandsOn 2008